Engaging In APAC - ANZ - ME - Europe - Nordics


Gamoa executives have a rich & successful history of advising & consulting to, establishing & expanding early stage to expanding advanced security & network/applications visibility & management technology vendors in the Asia Pacific & EMEA regions.

Target Markets

Targeted markets typically range from telecoms, service providers, MSSP, IoT & wireless provisioning segments, Cloud & Endpoint VAS, consumer, SMB, enterprise thru government & education.

GoToMarket Strategy

Regional GoToMarket Strategies, whether direct or via the channel, will be adapted to vendor technologies, resources, growth stage, products, services, target markets, success factors, challenges, SWOT, market & commercial planning models.

Business Management

Consider Gamoa as your highly experienced regional combination of business, sales & team builders/managers, regional expansion strategy consultants & commercial/financial model planning.

Regional Analysis

Regions, sub-regions, market segment prioritisation, competitive factors, traction & opportunity, vendor SWOT, channel vs direct models, costs & revenues models all need to be mapped to produce your regional business intelligence.


Team members, management, channel, marketing & messaging, products & services, relationships & vendor corporate resources all need to be efficiently leveraged to create & maintain Productivity.
Productivity equals Success.

Gamoa Management Team

Michael Grace


With 20 years of regional & international experience in guiding & taking early stage & emerging technology vendors to market, Michael has a history & track record of creating access, engagement & opportunity for these vendors and their often ground-breaking technologies & products.

Michael area's of expertise include sales & business management, business & value proposition modelling, markets analysis, the broader spectrum of cloud & endpoint security models, applications & deployments, network visibility & management models, IoT models across the service provider, enterprise & consumer provisioning sectors.

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Ben Teh

Executive Consultant

Ben has made his indelible mark on the industry since 1995 as an APAC early stage security & intelligence technologies start-up & emerging vendor specialist. Extensively experienced in market access, establishment & development, sales management & solution selling, Ben has launched & managed both sales & engineering operations based out of Singapore & Melbourne.

With an early grounding as a networks & security engineer, Ben moved onto ASEAN regional technical & sales management for WatchGuard, APAC Regional Director for Fortinet, VP APAC for Procera Networks then VP & GM APAC & Japan for advanced threat protection vendor Lastline.

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Visibility & Impact

Develop & articulate the compelling vendor value proposition to target audiences.

Gamoa's first task will be to advise you the vendor on how to best approach and execute on gaining visibility & achieving impact with targeted prospects & market segments in the respective regions & markets. We then work with the vendor and ramp up our own activities in-market, to achieve & then quantify progress on these crucial initial goals.

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Direct - Channels - Service Providers?

Market engagement modes, whether direct, via channel or telecoms/service providers/MSSPs, will first of all depend on the vendors products/services and their targeted market segments, then vary from country to country and at the progressing stages of the vendor establishment & growth. Gamoa execs have extensive & comprehensive experience in identifying the applicable mode in each scenario, then exploring, engaging, evaluating, guiding, recruiting and building partners when & where they are the best option to maximise vendor revenues & margins.

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People invest in what they know works...

Getting your technologies, products & services into the hands & on the screens of prospective customers & partners is the lifeblood of early stage & emerging technology vendors.
POCs, evals, trials & tests, suitably supported, are the adrenaline in your business plan & growth. Gamoa founders are specialists in driving the engagement, initiation, guidance, support & leveraging stages of these prospect's POCs & evaluations that vendors seek & thrive on.

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Maximise your regional expansion
invest in the surety of proven industry & segment expertise


Cost Effectively Accelerate Regional Market Traction

Whether you are seeking:

  • A full scale market entry, establishment & expansion
  • A "dip your toe & test the waters" approach
  • A budgeted market engagement trial & scoping exercise with actual partners & opportunity traction
  • A segment targeted incursion with contracted sales resources to engage & setup direct interaction between prospects & stakeholders with your engineering & executive teams

Optionally you may benefit from:

  • A regional market assessment tailored to your products, services, competitive positioning, resources & budget options
  • A market establishment and/or expansion plan with typical requirements, options, regional breakdowns, costs points, partner models, market segments
  • A fixed term market presence establishment project, planning, KPIs, co-ordinate required resources/staff, have the team & operations up & running, deliver progress reporting.
Ideas & Expertise

Readiness & energy to work projects, targets and markets is one thing. Doing this with subject matter expertise, seasoned experience, regional intelligence, business finesse & management command is another. We place significant value on being able to provide these attributes & strive to do so. GAMOA will add immediate insights, advisory input & market intelligence to the relationship, at your disposal. We are ideas & strategy people, but pragmatic execution people...

Support the Customers

GAMOA execs have a long history of working flexibly & effectively with support models. These are the lifeline of technology vendors. Whether it is plugging directly into the existing vendor support teams, following the Sun, seeking contracted support locally or identifying & engaging suitable support resources to service the prospect, customer, channel partner or vendor. We are highly experienced at both formal support models right through to the the "Do what you need to make this work..." scenarios...

Support the Vendor

Extending the reach & footprint of your business & products to far flung regions & markets internationally can be an exciting growth phase for any vendor. It can also represent & introduce risk factors in costs, resource demands, demands on your time and potentially distractions if the expansion is not serving the core business aims & realities. You want to be aware of & look closely at these aspects before you leap. GAMOA will walk you through various typical scenarios & options before you commit to that enticing leap...

We provide packaged and tailored services for the expanding vendor

Example projects

Creating & developing opportunities within your target markets